A woman from Bourne End took her own life after suffering from mental health issues, an inquest heard today.

Isabelle Olivetti, 56, died on July 11 this year at her home, after hanging herself.

She was found by her partner Roger Ward, who had come home after taking their dogs out for a walk.

He came home to find her hanging at the top of the banister of their stairs at home.

The court heard that Ms Olivetti had suffered from depression, and was on medication for the condition.

In a statement read out to the court, her GP said Ms Olivetti was spending a lot of time in bed and also suffered with anxiety.

She also had a history of self-harm, cutting her wrists in 2014.

Giving evidence, DC Kim Woods said: “Mr Ward came back at around 3.55pm [on July 11]. He had been out for around one-and-a-half hours walking the dogs.

“He described the struggle she was having with her mental health over time.”

The court heard that Mr Ward told police Ms Olivetti would normally come to the window to wave him off if he went out, but did not on the day of her death.

He said looking back on the day, this was the only thing he thought was “out of the ordinary”.

Senior coroner for Buckinghamshire Crispin Butler said: “There was a degree of planning involved. She had about an hour-and-a-half in which to achieve what she did.”

The medical cause of death was recorded as hanging, and Mr Butler said Ms Olivetti “intended to take her own life”, ruling a verdict of suicide.