Police were called to deal with an "altercation" at a mosque in High Wycombe this afternoon.

Officers in at least six police vehicles were called to Townfield House, in Totteridge Road, at around 1.40pm amid reports of a "disagreement" between the mosque's ruling committee and another group of people.

Officers attended the scene and spoke to people in attendance at the mosque.

No arrests have been made, and officers are carrying out an investigation into the incident.

Zafar Iqbal, former chairman of the Wycombe Islamic Mission, said the incident started with a disagreement in the mosque.

He said: "There was a lot of shouting but there was no need to call the police.

When they arrived there were around 400 to 500 people here for prayers so the whole road had to be closed."

A Totteridge resident, who attends the mosque occasionally, said he had been sleeping when he was woken up by noise outside the mosque.

He said: "My wife told me there were lots of police outside so I went out to look.

"There were lots of people and a lot of shouting. It's a shame really because it's a nice mosque."