A group of mums from Marlow and Cookham have teamed up to give the British Parasnowsport team a “spectacular” send-off for the start of the season.

The five mums – Anita Brack, Kim Lewendon, Jackie Paton, Jo Ellington and Jo Paish – want to raise £20,000 as the British ski and snowboard stars launch their bid for 2018 Paralympics glory.

Anita Brack decided to organise the event, which will take place at the Crowne Plaza, in Fieldhouse Lane, after she met the head coach for British Parasnowsport – the Paralympic Alpine team – during a skiing trip at Easter.

She said: “I heard about the amazing stories these girls and boys have and felt an urge to do something to help them secure some much needed funds.

“I came home and asked a few friends to help me, and we were contacted by British Parasnowsport, who were excited about our idea.

“Instead of originally doing a fundraiser for just a few of the girls, whose head coach I met, they asked if we could do it for the whole team going to South Korea in March 2018. We, of course, said yes.

“We think it’s an honour.”

X-Factor stars Saara Aalto and Lauren Murray, as well as Britain’s Got Talent magician Patrick Ashe, will provide the entertainment on November 18.

Ms Brack added: “The event will take para sport back to its Buckinghamshire roots, as the first Stoke Mandeville Games, the precursor to the Paralympics, took place in Buckinghamshire in 1948.

“We also want to raise the profile of para-snow sports and promote opportunities for people with disabilities to give para-skiing and snowboarding a try.”

To buy tickets visit https://thegoldruntothegames.eventbrite.co.uk.