Plans for a Costa drive-thru in High Wycombe have fallen through, the coffee chain has confirmed – to the delight of a councillor who feared the addition would create extra traffic on a busy road. 

The controversial drive-thru on the grounds of Homebase in London Road was given the green light by Wycombe District Council last year – but a spokesman for Costa Coffee says the company will not be opening on the site after all. 

Fears were raised at the time about a thriving car wash business that operated on the site but was “forced out” to make way for the drive-thru. 

Ryemead Cllr Ray Farmer, who objected to the plans at the time amid concerns about the congestion it would cause on London Road, said the news that the coffee chain will not open a shop there was a good thing. 

He said: “The last thing you want with the traffic on London Road is another destination, which is what this drive-thru would have been if it had gone ahead.

"They said at the time it would only serve those who use Homebase, but their opening hours were much longer, so obviously it would become a destination. It would have added to the congestion and traffic the London Road already suffers with. 

“While I do think it is a good thing, it is a shame that the car wash business there got moved. Their lease came to an end because of the Costa drive-thru, and now it’s not going ahead but their lease was not renewed. They did a really good job down there.”

Costa Coffee have not yet confirmed why they have pulled out of the move, however Homebase was bought by an Australian firm called Bunnings last year and the group plans to convert all 258 Homebase stores to its brand. 

A spokesman for Wycombe District Council, Sue Robinson, said: “Permission was granted and Costa have three years to implement the permission. We have not yet received an application to discharge the conditions imposed on the permission, some of which need to be agreed prior to works commencing.”