Is it only me or is the whole ‘Apprentice’ thing getting a little ‘tired’? 
Perhaps I’m not finding it as exciting this year because I was a candidate myself in 2016 although I have a feeling I’m not the only one that thinks it’s getting a little ‘boring’ now. 

Yes, Lord Sugar cracks the odd joke that is quite funny however it’s all a bit too similar.

In this episode, which was all about creating a brand new recipe kit, a certain Elizabeth was the target of his joke with him stating ‘trying to calm you down is like trying to brush a piranha’s teeth!’.

I did have a little giggle at the ‘piranha joke’! Admittedly, Elizabeth was a bit frantic, not very polished at all, but passionate and hardworking. 

It just seems to be the same type of candidates, running around, getting stressed, failing miserably and then begging for Lord Sugar’s mercy in the boardroom as if he is God or an idol. 

I am just starting to feel more and more uncomfortable when I witness such grovelling for money and power.

I believe hard work and smart work is the way forward. I don’t believe in ‘smoozing’, ‘begging’ and worshipping any other human being, especially in the name of money.

I’m also noticing that there seems to be an upsurge in unprofessional and ‘brash’ behaviour in the office place these days. 

I went to see a client the other day and this client’s Human Resources lady was actually rather rude and snappy. Since when is that okay in the workplace? It isn’t. Period. 

Whatever happened to courteous, professional behaviour? In this week’s task, there was so much anxiety all over the place it gave me slight heartburn. 

Joanna and Elizabeth, two of the candidates, did not like each other to such an extent that they just simply could not produce anything of professional relevance as a result. 

Another candidate, Bushra, who actually got fired this week, called Elizabeth ‘nuts’… Although a lot of this may be true there is a way to say things and Bushra definitely got it wrong again when she thought it would be a good idea to make ‘political jokes’ about ‘Donald Trump’ in a pitch.

Honestly, what happened to pure professionalism?