Flashdance fans will be digging out their leg warmers in January as the critically-acclaimed musical takes to the stage in High Wycombe. 

And lovers of the 1983 romantic drama that inspired the musical will not be disappointed with its latest incarnation, according to Robbie Roth, composer and co-lyricist for the spectacular stage show, which arrives at the Wycombe Swan on January 22. 

Flashdance - The Musical tells the inspiring and unforgettable story of 18-year-old Alex, a welder by day and ‘flashdancer’ by night, who dreams of going to the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy and becoming a professional dancer.

When a romance complicates her ambitions, she harnesses it to drive her dream.

The inspiring musical about the power of holding onto your dreams and love against all odds is set to star Verity Jones as Alex and Colin Kiyani as love interest Nick. 

Robbie Roth’s music has been heard on stage, screen and radio all around the world - he has written music for feature films and documentaries, and his solo song writing has been heard on recordings alongside Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash - but his latest challenge was re-working the musical score for Flashdance ahead of its new UK tour. 

The new tour has had a “revamp” with a complete re-write of the score - something which came about after taking a retrospective on the previous tour. 

Robbie said: “We felt we may have stepped too far away from the movie and wanted to bring back a few of those iconic moments and characters, that had not made it to the stage in the previous incarnation. 

“What we’ve done over the years since, is learned to understand how to honour the film and uphold all those things that rightfully made the film iconic but bring this to the stage with a strong narrative. 

“Unlike a movie, which can use many other techniques to draw the audience in, a musical really has to work hard to portray characters in a rich enough way and allow us to believe their relationships and journeys. 

“So, we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out that challenge which is a real balancing act, to better represent the film but put forward a fully rounded and believable piece of musical theatre.

“However, everything you remember from the movie, the sweatshirt off the shoulder, the ballet shoes, the older friend mentor, the audition, the waterdrop - all those things are represented properly in the show.”

The composer has also reassured fans that their favourite songs from the movie - including ‘Maniac’, ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ and of course, the award-winning title track ‘Flashdance - What a Feeling’ have remained. 

He said: “We are serving up all those songs in a way that satisfies everything you remember about them, everything that is so iconic. 

“For example, the incredible guitar solo in ‘Maniac’. The difference is that where we can, and this is what Phil [Edwards, the original orchestrator for the Flashdance Musical] is so gifted at, we look to amplify the orchestral notion so that they still feel at home on a stage in a big musical.” 

And what does Robbie think keeps audiences coming back for more?
“Tom Hedley who wrote the film did a wonderful job of capturing that thing that we all want to see in great musical theatre.

“Audiences will enjoy the great storytelling, alongside fantastic choreography and exciting and diverse dance forms, and of course the music.” 

Flashdance - The Musical comes to the Wycombe Swan from January 22 to 27. Tickets available at www.wycombeswan.co.uk.