Parents are being “left in the dark” about changes to the controversial 11-Plus test, a campaign group has claimed.

A new Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed that parents will not be consulted on the decision to change the 11-Plus test provider in Buckinghamshire.

The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools Company (TBGS) announced in March that GL Assessment, which provided the 11-plus test for Bucks prior to 2013, will replace the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring and be responsible for providing the 11-plus test for all Bucks grammar schools from 2018.

In response to the FOI request, made by campaign group Local Equal Excellent (LEE), TBGS reportedly said that no communication had been sent to parents about the change.

TBGS has been slammed by LEE for the response, saying that parents are being “denied a say” in potential changes to the 11-Plus.

Grammar schools are currently consulting on their admissions arrangements for September 2019 but LEE says their draft admissions policies do not mention that the 11-Plus test will be changing.

But TBGS bosses have defended their decision not to consult parents, allegedly telling LEE that there is “no need” for it as the overall admissions arrangements will stay the same.

LEE spokesman Katy Simmons said: “Information published on their website and on the websites of the test providers confirms that the content of the new test will be different.

“There will also be a change to the weighting of the three different parts of the test, with the non-verbal ability and maths sections now worth 25 per cent each of the final score, and verbal ability worth 50 per cent.

“Reading the grammar schools’ draft admissions policies for 2019, parents will be under the impression that nothing is changing, when in fact there will be significant changes to the test.

“Parents are not only being left in the dark, they are also being denied a say.”

In a statement, TBGS chairman David Hudson said: “TBGS, in conjunction with GL Assessment, has published detailed information for parents about the new 11+ Secondary Transfer Test to ensure that parents are kept up-to-date with arrangements for 2019 entry.

“This information is readily available on The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools’ website.”