An "amazing" volunteer who dedicated 35 years to an organisation that provided invaluable support when her husband suffered a stroke has stepped down from her role after an emotional send-off. 

Evelyn Neville, president of the Holmer Green Stroke Club, retired from her post on January 9, aged 97. 

Mrs Neville's daughter, Kathy Secker, said her final day at the club, where she was presented with presents and cards, was "very emotional".

She said: "My father had a massive stroke in 1983 and we were introduced to the stroke club. The hospital did their best but there wasn’t as much support for the families.

"My father was totally paralysed but my mother cared for him at home for seven years and we used to get him up to the stroke club every week until he passed away.

"They were invaluable at giving us all support and my mum has also been a huge support to the stroke club. She looked forward to going every week. 

"On her last day she made a lovely speech and it was very sad. She is loved by so many people because she had a lot of contact with the community."