Parents dropping their children off at a High Wycombe school are creating a “dangerous” situation for residents amid a number of “close shaves” with kids almost being hit by cars.  

Residents living in Lane End Road, Sands, say the parking situation has worsened in the mornings and evenings with parents dropping off and picking up from the nearby Sandcastle Day Nursery. 

Andy Pocock, who lives near the nursery, said the parking situation is “dire”, and complained that parents are stopping on pavements, in residents’ driveways and on double yellow lines. 

He said: “At certain times of the day, the parking is awful. We live between a pub and a school so they either park in the pub, across our driveway or on the pavement. 

“People just pull out and assume they have right of way even though they are parked on double yellow lines or on the pavement. 

“Over the past year it has got really bad. Something needs to be done.” 

Mr Pocock says the bad parking has seen a number of children and parents almost hit by cars on the pavement. 

He said: “They park two or three abreast and there have been a couple of close shaves trying to get in and out of our driveway.

“I have nearly run children over because there are cars in the way and you can’t see the pedestrians on the pavement.

“The school next door has been really good, they have tried everything but they just don’t seem to listen. The next day they are parking badly again. It is really dangerous and irresponsible.”

“One man even had a go at my wife because she almost hit him as she was going into the driveway.

“But she couldn’t see him because of the cars. It is a massive safety hazard.” 

Mark Shaw, deputy leader and transport chief at Bucks County Council, saying he was aware of the issue. 

He said: “TfB is aware of the issue of vehicles waiting on the footway between the Hour Glass pub and the nursery.

“This area is part of regular patrol routes and additional visits are made as and when resources and priorities allow.”