A bicycle that is believed to be the oldest in the UK has been discovered in a south Bucks town.

A hobby horse bike, from around the 19th century, was uncovered during a building demolition in Beaconsfield.

The 199-year-old bike was one of 320 made by Denis Johnson in 1819, with only 12 believed to be in existence today.

Self-confessed bike enthusiast Glynn Stockdale, who has displayed the cycle in his penny farthing museum in Cheshire, said it was a “fantastic feeling” to have the relic in his museum.

He said: “I found one but I didn’t own it, Manchester Museum did, which was disappointing. I will never find or own another [after this one].”

The previous owners did not know of the bike's historical significance and contacted Mr Stockdale when the building was being knocked down to make way for a new development.

Mr Stockdale added: “I have had emails in from all over the world from museums and collectors saying how lucky I am and that it is an incredible find.

“All the other [bikes] are in museums or locked away so you never see some of them.

“They are very rare things.”

Mr Stockdale believes that this bicycle is the oldest of the 12 in existence as Mr Johnson numbered his bikes, but this one is believed to have been made pre-numbering.