A Taplow arms dealer locked up for supplying revolvers and ammunition has had his 18-year jail term cut by judges.

Mohammed Khan, 37, of Saxon Gardens, was jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court on August 19, 2016.

He was convicted of four counts of transferring a prohibited weapon and one of selling or transferring ammunition with intent.

London's Appeal Court heard how, in January 2016, Louis Ikechwukw Ajufo-Rocque and another man travelled from central London to Khan's home address.

Khan supplied them with two handguns and ammunition, which police discovered when they stopped the taxi in which the men were travelling.

In March the same year, Fabian Bolenge-Cartierre travelled to Khan's home to collect two revolvers.

Bolenge-Cartierre, 32, of Cranwell Road, Farnborough, and Ajufo-Rocque, 31, of Minter Road, Barking, both admitted two counts of possessing a prohibited firearm.

Ajufo-Rocque also pleaded guilty to having ammunition and both men were caged for six years and eight months.

The judge who jailed the trio said any crime involving guns was “extremely serious”.

But Khan's lawyers argued that his jail term was too tough and should be reduced.

The weapons involved were at the “lower end of the spectrum” in terms or seriousness, the court was told.

The revolvers were designed for training or target shooting and would “not be a weapon of choice for anyone wishing to endanger life”.

Allowing Khan's appeal, Mrs Justice Nichola Davies said that “insufficient weight was given to the nature of the weapons.”

"Eighteen years was manifestly excessive," concluded the judge and Khan's prison sentence went down from 18 years to 15 years.

Bolenge-Cartierre and Ajufo-Rocque were also successful in appeals against their sentences.

Ajufo-Rocque's jail term was reduced to five years eight months, and Bolenge-Cartierre's to five years three months.