Beaconsfield Theatre Group’s one-act play returns after a decade with two new productions.

The group is in the final rehearsal stages of two modern plays – Tom Basden’s debut piece Party, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival, transferred to London and even enjoyed an outing on BBC Radio 4Extra – and love story Constellations, by Nick Payne.

Party is about a group of students who meet in a garden shed to form a new political party. Their enthusiasm for this new force in British politics is somewhat undermined by their inability to choose a name, a leader or policies.

Speaking about the play, producer Mark Oldknow said: “It was a hit with the group during the selection process, and the cast is squeezing every laugh possible from the play.

“[Director] Tom Curtis and his team have done an excellent job.”

The second offering, Constellations, is a love story played across several parallel universes.

Mr Oldknow, who is directing, said: “It is an astonishing piece of writing which manages to make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to find two wonderful actors who have found subtlety and nuance which lifts the play out of the ordinary – and I'm not one normally given to hyperbole.

“It is an extraordinary piece of writing and a beautiful piece of theatre.”

Both plays will come to the Davenies School theatre from February 14th-17th, with ticket prices starting at £10.

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