A 200-space car park will be built on Green Belt land in a bid to alleviate parking issues in a busy business park.

Plans for the car park, which will be built on land between the A404 and the Marlow Water Ski Club, near the Globe Business Park, in Fieldhouse Lane, have been given the green light six months after they were submitted, on a five-year temporary basis.

In the officer’s report, Sarah Armstrong wrote: “The use hereby permitted shall be discontinued and the land restored to its former condition on or before January 31, 2023.

“It is not considered appropriate to grant a permanent permission for the use which is located within the Green Belt and is to serve the occupiers of the adjacent Globe Business Park whilst a strategic solution to the parking issue is considered.”

It comes as new double yellow lines on Fieldhouse Lane sparked a backlash from drivers who said they would make parking on the already-busy road “even worse”.

Globe Park BID (Business Development District) said the lines had been put in place to allow planned initiatives, such as a new cycle scheme and bus service, to come into place, as well as two new car parks, including one with 165 spaces by The Marlow Club, part of which will also be used by Wycombe District Council to lease to businesses.

The business park has long been plagued with traffic problems, with thousands of cars pouring into the Fieldhouse Lane area each day, heading to major employers on the estate like Softcat, the Crowne Plaza hotel and the popular Marlow Club, causing traffic chaos.

Applicants of the 200-space car park, Newtown Pit, said they would consult with businesses on the business park to “ensure the number of spaces utilised are maximised and appropriately controlled”.

Speaking about their reasons for wanting to build the car park, they wrote: “Issues such as inadequate parking and traffic congestion have been identified as significant issues in the business park’s continued success.

“There is a significant ongoing demand for car parking on the Globe Business Park.

“The business park was constructed when national and local car parking standards required lower numbers of spaces to be provided to encourage reduced levels of car usage.

“This strategy was not successful and, as can be seen when travelling through the business park today, there is insufficient car parking for the business units to accommodate demand.

“It is recognised that car parking is an issue across Globe Business Park following work between Deriaz Slater and Wycombe District Council in 2012.”

They also wrote that it was “apparent” in Wycombe District Council’s draft Local Plan that the council also recognised there was a parking issue in the business park.

They added: “It is identified that the car parking demand is affecting the surrounding residential roads as around 52 per cent of respondents [of an online questionnaire the company sent out] believe staff park around the residential roads.

“This is having a negative impact upon the quality of life of local residents as many are not able to park in front of their own properties (confirmed by comments made at the BID Board meeting by the local residents and staff).”