A project that will see a former High Wycombe nightclub replaced with offices and shops has been designed so that the controversial town centre flyover could one day be removed.

Plans to demolish the Abbey Way flyover – which has previously been dubbed the “Berlin Wall of Wycombe” – have been mooted for years, with hopes highlighted in the early stages of the Wycombe Masterplan to remove it after 2021.

While the discussion on the future of the flyover appears to have died down over the years, new plans to revamp Octagon Parade in Oxford Road have been developed so the district council can still remove the flyover in years to come.

The building has been empty since 2011 but developers Golden Apple want to extend and regenerate it to turn it into shops and offices.

In new plans put together by the developers, the possibility of removing the flyover, reopening the river Wye and improving pedestrian links between the old town and the Eden Shopping Centre have been discussed.

The Oxford Road roundabout, could also be redeveloped in the future, but the plans suggest placing a new building on it would not improve the “visual or physical connectivity” of the town.

To replace the contentious flyover, a “tree-lined street” could be built instead.

A spokesman for the developer said that while their plans relate only to the building, they are mindful of long-term aspirations to get rid of the flyover completely.

They said: “The planning application submitted for the redevelopment of the building at 9 – 16 Oxford Street relates to the building only and does not itself seek works to the adjacent roundabout or flyover. 

“Notwithstanding this, great care has been taken in the development of the application proposals to ensure that any future proposals that Wycombe District Council have for the redevelopment of the roundabout and removal of the flyover ramp would not be prejudiced.”

A Wycombe District Council spokesman added: “The current masterplan works for High Wycombe town centre allow for the creation of the alternative route around the town centre, de-dualling the highway (including on Abbey Way flyover), reducing the traffic in the central area and supporting regeneration of key sites.

“The council has asked its Improvement and Review Commission to consider the scope - including costs and benefits as well as potential funding – to use some of the redundant road space in the central area along Oxford Road to re-open and ‘remake’ sections of the river.

“Decisions on further stages of work will be informed by this review. Decisions concerning the closure of the flyover are the responsibility of Bucks County Council as local highway authority, and are for the longer term.”

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