Thousands of potential killers continue to drive around our streets without a care in the world.

It’s a scary thought. But what most people don’t realise is when you brazenly flout the laws and use a mobile phone whilst driving, you are putting your life, the lives of others and their families at risk.

Is it really worth it? Sadly there are far too many deaths on our roads already. Hardly a week goes by without another report of a serious crash appearing in this newspaper.

The majority of them can be prevented. Most parts of society wouldn’t dream of driving drunk or on drugs, but why do so many still think it is acceptable to use a phone?

The team at the Bucks Free Press hear about the dangers and consequences far too often, but the tragic death of innocent pedestrian Hilary Haines was the final straw.

And that’s why this week, our team is launching the ‘Hang up!’ campaign in a bid to get the message across about the real dangers and call on people to end the madness now before more lives are lost.

Bucks Free Press:

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As the story below highlights, it only takes a small distraction to rip families apart.

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Timothy Mason didn’t set out to run down a pedestrian during his working hours on May 10 last year, but while talking on his phone he did just that.

At the launch of a week-long crackdown across the Thames Valley to prevent dangerous driving last month, Road Safety Sergeant Chris Appleby said: “We are still seeing too many people deciding to take that risk to use their mobile phone whilst driving, whether looking at a text, making and receiving calls or even surfing the internet.

“Doing any of these will clearly impair and distract your ability to drive a vehicle safely.

“Research has shown that talking on a mobile phone can impair your ability to drive more than if you were driving whilst over the drink drive limit. You are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal collision texting as drink driving. You are much less aware of what’s happening around you and fail to see road signs, maintain a proper lane position or a steady speed.”

This newspaper campaign will be a campaign like no other. We will repeatedly highlight the dangers in a bid to raise more awareness and hopefully prevent more tragedies.

Bucks Free Press:

We aim to work with the police and local authorities to catch out drivers at fault. If you’re prepared to take to the streets and risk everything, then be prepared to face the consequences – including being named and shamed by us.

And, working alongside national road safety charity Brake, we will continue to speak to politicians and push them on whether the current laws go far enough.

We will even echo calls from Brake to rethink laws surrounding handsfree phones, which they say have been proved to be just as distracting as handheld devices.

Our end goal is a simple one: hang up your phone and save lives.