TEENAGERS put forward a heart-felt plea to councillors and persuaded them to rethink a decision to cut back on support for a popular disco.

Members of Chesham Youth Council pleaded with Chesham Town Council to keep supporting the monthly disco.

Emily Walker, chairman of the group, spoke out at the council meeting on Monday telling them to reconsider withdrawing part of their financial support.

She said: "We ask you from all the young people, please reconsider your recommendation to stop this financial support."

She said many projects the youth council is involved in, such as a drugs awareness campaign, could be under threat. One youth stood and said it was better that youngsters were given something to do in the form of the disco at the Elgiva Theatre than wandering the streets causing trouble.

The council's community, buildings and arts committee had already recently made a decision to recommend that the subsidy of nearly £2,000, given in discounts in charges to use the Elgiva, should be reduced.

Cllr Alan Walters (Lib Dem, Town and District) said it was difficult justifying subsidising one group effectively using tax payers' money when there were so many others in the town.

The full council voted to send the decision back to the committee for further debate.