A "Brexit facts" bus is set to roll into High Wycombe next week as part of a national tour - emblazoned with the words "Brexit to cost £2,000 million". 

The 'Brexit - Is it worth it' bus will reach the town on February 26 at 5pm and will stop off at the Wycombe Swan theatre for an event with different speakers - including Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, 'In Limbo' author Elena Remigi and Wycombe campaigners Ray Farmer and Dr Linda Derrick. 

It comes less than two years since Boris Johnson and Wycombe MP Steve Baker brought the 'Vote Leave' bus to the town on June 13, 2016 - drawing in crowds of hundreds - ahead of the EU referendum. 

The controversial Leave battle bus was criticised for the claiming Britain sends £350 million a week to the European Union that could otherwise be spent on the NHS - although Boris Johnson stood by the claims. 

Ian Morton, from Wycombe in Europe, who is helping to organise the 'Brexit facts' bus' visit to the town, denounced the claim as a "big fat lie". 

He said: "Most people I speak to are sick of Brexit and are angry that our Government is wasting millions on it when they now know it is going to make us poorer.

"As they see the costs mount up and services cut, they are rightly wondering whether it’s worth it. Brexit is a distraction we can now do without.”

Around 670 people across Britain contributed an average of £24 each to make the 33-stop tour possible and 20 grassroots groups have organised the events, including Wycombe in Europe.

The £2,000 million figure emblazoned on the side of the new bus is based on the Government's own leaked report that Brexit with a free trade agreement could cost five per cent of GDP after 15 years, according to organisers.