A devious thief who posed as an antiques dealer to steal a prized watch from an elderly couple in Great Missenden has had his jail sentence slashed on appeal.

Lee Kendall, 50, was locked up for 18 months at Aylesbury Crown Court last June after jurors convicted him of theft.

That was tagged onto an earlier four-year sentence Kendall had received for “similar offences”, London's Appeal Court heard.

The 18-month term related to a con Kendall worked on an elderly couple in Great Missenden in July 2016.

Kendall, from Hove, East Sussex, claimed to be an antiques dealer on the hunt for high quality items, Mr Justice Phillips explained.

He persuaded the couple to show him their jewellery collection but, when they were distracted, he fled with a £300 watch.

The timepiece was of great sentimental value - having belonged to the woman’s father.

Kendall previously stole watches worth £25,000 from the safe of a 90-year-old victim, who lived in the Brighton area.

He also pinched a £1,000 watch from another householder.

The con artist, of The Heights, challenged his total five-and-a-half-year sentence today, claiming it was far too tough.

Mr Justice Phillips agreed that his overall jail term was "too long", reducing it by nine months.