The cash-strapped council is looking to the Government for help to repair potholes across the county, after last week’s severe weather added further damage to Buckinghamshire’s deteriorating roads.

The heavy snowfall and freezing conditions that plagued the county last week continued to damage already dilapidated roads – prompting Bucks County Council (BCC) to beg the government to “step in” and help financially.

After receiving numerous complaints about the state of roads, leader of BCC, councillor Martin Tett, warned residents the potholes "will not be fixed overnight” as it poses “a major financial problem.”

Addressing the cabinet on Monday, he said: “The snow and then the thawing and the freezing that is going on has done another step change in terms of damage to the roads.

“There are bad potholes around my own area. This is a really big problem, the letters are flooding in. I am being honest with people – this is a major financial problem for us. It is a logistical challenge fixing the potholes.”

The leader also raised the issue on social media, stating recources will be needed to cope "with the enormous scale of repairs".

He added “people will have to be patient” as permanent pothole repairs would not be carried out until the weather improves.

Clr Tett continued: “We are very stretched financially – we are trying to get together a fund to repair these potholes but it is going to challenge us financially as well.

“I have made a plea publicly for the government to step in, and I think the government needs to supply money in light of the particularly severe weather we have had in the last week or so, and I think councils in their current financial state will struggle to cope. I make that appeal publicly here as well.”