Internet black spots in Buckinghamshire must be tackled, according to the county council, as some rural homes still have no access to broadband.

Just under eight per cent of the county struggles to get “basic connectivity”, and Bucks County Council (BCC) is looking to the Government to help resolve the issue.

A total of 92.6 per cent of homes and businesses in Buckinghamshire currently have broadband connection – and the council is looking into ways to increase it to 100 per cent.

Cllr Tett said: “I would like to see that number for Buckinghamshire quite higher.

“There are small areas that are still struggling to get basic connectivity and I am constantly chasing our officers and the connected counties programme to make sure our roll out gets to at least 95 per cent which is already funded – we need to get BT out and implement that.”

Cllr Tett also questioned why installing fibre connections for broadband in newly-built homes is not yet a requirement - unlike gas, water and electricity. 

He said: “Why is the government not requiring in its housing agenda that we have fibre in the same way we have gas, electricity, basic utilities .

“You wouldn’t build a house without water facilities so why are you building it without a fibre connection.”

The county council has been referred to the Deparment of Digital Culture, Media and Sport after, it asked the Government how to improve coverage in Bucks. 

It is also hoped that the installation of equipment in church spires in rural areas will boost Bucks broadband.