Empty chemical containers were found in an un-taxed vehicle parked near a block of flats, it has been revealed - after emergency services cordoned off a car park in High Wycombe. 

The empty containers were investigated by police and the fire brigade in Linchfield, High Wycombe, at around 6.30pm on Monday. 

Firefighters from High Wycombe fire station were called and set up a cordon, and the incident was left with Thames Valley Police. 

Red Kite Community Housing, which owns the flats near where the containers were found, has confirmed that they reported the incident to police last week after finding drums of what could be hazardous waste inside a vehicle. 

A statement from the housing association said: "Last week, one of our experience team saw an un-taxed vehicle parked on land at our flats in Linchfield, which contained drums that appeared to indicate hazardous waste.

"We reported this to Thames Valley Police who advised that they would investigate and it has now been confirmed that there was no hazardous material located within the drums."