A “thrilling” production of Henry James’ Turn of the Screw is set to come to Theatre Royal Windsor this month.

An adaptation of the much-loved classic ghost story will star EastEnders actress Carli Norris and Maggie McCarthy (Call the Midwife, Doctors).

Set in 1840, a young governess agrees to look after two orphans, a boy and a girl, in Bly, a seemingly idyllic country house. 

But, shortly after her arrival, she realises that they are not alone. There are others – the ghosts of Bly’s troubled past. 

The governess will risk everything to keep the children safe, even if it means giving herself up to The Others. 

Years later, confronted by the past, she is compelled to account for what actually happened to her and those under her protection.

Henry James’ original novella ends with a cliffhanger where the boy dies in the governess’ arms and the reader is left to draw their own conclusions. 

The prologue is not so puzzling; James informs the reader that the governess wrestled with these troubling experiences for most of her life until she had to write them down shortly before her death.

Tim Luscombe’s adaptation dramatises the passage of time in a thrilling and surprising way while remaining true to James’ story.

Producer Dermot McLaughlin said: “I found Turn of the Screw a compelling story with fascinating female characters.

“The context of this troubled woman committing to paper her terrifying and inexplicable experiences so long after the event was intriguing and moving. 

“The whys and wherefores of that psychology seemed very interesting dramatic territory. 

“The tension between the past and the struggle to resign oneself to past actions presents a recognisable emotional state for us all.

“Tim Luscombe has realised my idea brilliantly and I’m excited to be able to bring it to audiences on tour.”

The show will come to Theatre Royal Windsor between March 13-17. To book tickets visit www.theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk or call 01753 853 888.