A High Wycombe author is taking a fresh approach to writing travel books - by inviting fans to join him on an epic walk through the heart of England. 

Nick Corble, who has written more than 20 books, is inviting everyone to share - quite literally - all the steps involved in writing his latest book, a travelogue describing a trek “slicing through the heart of England”. 

The adventure is inspired by a similar trip Nick made 20 years ago on the eve of the millennium on a canal boat, which also resulted in a book.

“The world is a different place now,” Nick explains, “The rise of the internet provides a great opportunity to widen out the whole process of planning and writing a book, and this time round I wanted to share it with everyone.”

He added: “England has also changed, and I wanted to take a fresh look at what makes the country tick as we enter a brave new world.”

The 250-mile route follows a line drawn at 45 degrees north-west to southeast, through the dead centre of England, and while people can join him for parts of the actual walk, the idea is more comprehensive than that.

The walk starts next week and will go from Liverpool to Kent.

Nick said: “I’m inviting people to follow every stage of the writing of a walking travel book, from planning, through the walk, and then the processes of writing, editing and publication.

“It’s a unique opportunity for everyone to share the decisions, agonies, pain and pleasure of being a writer.”

Visit www.diagonalwalking.co.uk for more information.