This week Wycombe MP Steve Baker writes exclusively to Bucks Free Press readers:

With Parliament in recess at the moment, I wanted to highlight the services MPs offer to constituents, as every day dozens of constituents contact my parliamentary and constituency offices in all sorts of ways asking for my help. 

The issues they raise vary from failures in wheelie bin collection and potholes to mental health provision and the safeguarding of adults and children. 

The most common enquiries I receive are from residents who are dissatisfied with council services, from the state of the roads to the allocation of school places.

Council matters are, of course, for councillors and are not something under my direct control, but my casework team always try to assist as best they can within the limits of our resources. 

Often people do not know who to contact about council services. I am hopeful if, when and however unitary status is introduced, some of this uncertainty will be removed.

I have always been proud of my casework team. My staff share my values of public service. They work incredibly hard, well beyond their contract hours to help the most vulnerable and those in need. 

I see the real commitment they have to help people. 
They have delivered food parcels to those without transport, cleared rubbish from people’s doorsteps, and volunteered with community projects in the town.

Conscious of an ever increasing constituency caseload which is impacting on our response times, I have restructured my team to add a new part-time caseworker to my staff working in the constituency office.

As your MP, I represent the people of Wycombe in Parliament and I am happy to raise national policy issues with ministers in other departments or other statutory agencies when this is needed. 

Sometimes it is not possible to give people the outcome they would wish for, and with my small staff undertaking up to 1,000 cases a year, there can sometimes be delays if there are a number of urgent cases needing attention. 

I know there are some in Wycombe who would not like to admit it, but from the cards and letters of thanks I receive, I know the vast majority of people are pleased with the work we do to support them at difficult times in their lives.

Parliament resumes on Monday and the main debate of the day will be on housing and homes. At this time, few issues loom larger in local lives. 

I will be glad to bring back fresh ideas which can be considered for our area by our great local councillors.