I would like to endorse the letter sent in by Michael Curry in Bucks Free Press on Friday, April 6, regarding the potholes in the Marlow area.

I cannot believe the amount of public money that is wasted on the so-called repair of these holes. 

As your previous reader stated the workmen simply throw some loose tarmac into these holes, they are not sealed and within days the stones are all over the road again with bigger holes. 

With all the rain we have had, the roads are so dangerous for cars and cyclists being unaware of the holes because they are filled with water.

What a ludicrous waste of public money.

A Hawkins, Marlow

Now that we are faced with a new unitary council for south Buckinghamshire, this will be a golden opportunity to re-design the emblem, motto and twinning arrangements.

The emblem I suggest should depict a large crater on a barren background. The motto should read ‘pottus holus collapsus chassius’.

And the place to be ‘twinned’ with (in keeping with our infrastructure) could be Moon County (Pennsylvania, USA). 

G Casbeard, Moat Lane, Prestwood