A mother opposed to more than 100 homes being built at the end of her garden held a protest outside a public display of the plans - telling residents there will be “traffic chaos, packed schools and no doctor’s appointments” if it is allowed to go ahead. 

Susan Jamson’s house in Kestrel Drive, Hazlemere, backs onto Tralee Farm – one of dozens of sites in the district to be earmarked for development as part of the Wycombe District Council’s draft local plan.

Mrs Jamson previously spoke out against the plans for homes at the end of her garden. 

At a public display of the plans for 106 homes on Tralee Farm at Hazlemere Golf Club on Wednesday, Mrs Jamson handed out leaflets saying the village would be “part of a huge residential development” if built. 

She said: "The Green Belt is still Green Belt and should not be built on. I know we need more homes - I have got three kids, I don't dispute the need for homes whatsoever.

"It's dreadful that I have had to help them buy their own homes - but the homes on this piece of land will not be affordable because of its location.

"There is so much brownfield land that could be built on before the Green Belt."