A “special” village green could end up looking like “Fort Knox” if more bollards are put in place, a councillor fears - amid fresh concerns from residents over cars parking on the grassy open space.

Complaints about vehicles driving onto The Green, in Wooburn Green, were first raised in June last year, but councillors on Wooburn and Bourne End Parish Council admitted that they were never followed up.

Now, another complaint has been made by a resident after two cars were spotted parked up on the green space – which is popular with families and dog walkers – with groups bringing parasols, playing music and having a barbecue during the hot weather.

Cllr Dave Airley said the “sacrosanct” status of The Green – which is a conservation area – should be respected and cars should not be allowed to park on it.

Cllr Jane Ford added: “It hasn’t just happened once or twice, it has been a few times and are we going to have that again because it’s the beginning of summer? It is a lovely open space and it is a shame that this keeps happening.

“A lot of people in the village are upset when it happens. They don’t like seeing cars on there.

“We are not preserving our Green by allowing this to happen – people have previously brought settees and armchairs and it looks awful.”

Cllr Mike Balbini said putting up more bollards could be an “overreaction” to the issue – and it could end up looking like “Fort Knox”.

He said: “What is so wrong with people enjoying The Green? It’s not happening all the time. Unless it’s getting worse, I don’t think we should touch it. It is the focal point of the village and I think if we start putting bollards up – it is a bit of an overreaction.

“I think it will look like Fort Knox if we have bollards every five feet. We are going to change the look of The Green, we should be asking residents.”

However, Cllr Margaret Marshall said that if cars were allowed to continue parking on the green space, the problem could “spread like litter”. She said: “It sets a precedent and it grows.

“If it happens once or twice, people will think they can keep doing it and it is our responsibility to protect The Green. Yes, the circus and the fair drive onto it, but at least they ask our permission.”

Cllr Mike Appleyard added: “We have got standards to maintain - it is special. We have no control over people who drive on there. People could go charging round there on motorbikes if it starts to take root and then you have a problem trying to stop it. It is about prevention really.”

Seven councillors voted in favour of asking residents in the village if small bollards or a fence should be installed, while two abstained from the vote.