EXTRA TERRESTRIAL enthusiasts could be sent back down to earth with a bump if the latest claims dismissing UFOs are anything to go by.

In recent weeks numerous sky watchers have been sending in pictures and recounting their tales of red glowing lights and strange unidentifiable flying objects better known as UFOs.

However, two teenage party girls have revealed that they believe all the fuss was created by Chinese lanterns they used at two birthday parties in Maidenhead.

Charlotte Green, 22, and Jessica Bunyan, 23, held two birthday celebrations with family and friends on July 28 and then the following weekend on August 4.

At both parties held at Jessica's home in Malvern Road, Maidenhead, the girls released Chinese lanterns and they now believe they are the cause of the fuss.

Charlotte said: "The lanterns we used glowed really brightly and we released about 12 of them, I think some of them drifted across in the Wycombe direction. I just know that it must have been the lanterns that people saw. It's quite funny."

The ET-like lights were first spotted on July 26 and 29 in Chesham but many people believe the latest sightings have been candle balloons let off at events around the county.

Charlotte added: "I'm pretty open minded and I guess if that is what people want to believe then it's up to them, and I could see why they might have thought the lights were unusual."

However, UFO spotters have hit back and claim the sightings are the real deal. Jonathan, 23, from Totteridge who sent in the images when he spotted a glowing ball on August 12, said: "This thing remained frozen for five minutes, then began to move slowly away and no it wasn't a flare or a balloon. It was an orange coloured ball to the naked eye but upon zooming in it took on a new form. I'm quite a sceptical person but I do think there might be things out there that are not common knowledge whether that be something paranormal or something else. The truth is out there, a few miles down the road."

Whilst Sebastian Bird, 17 who spotted strange lights on Saturday August 4 said: "The thing that amazes me the most is when we watched them they didn't appear to come from anywhere. They were just there and then they just disappeared. I don't think a candle balloon can do that."