Building 150 new homes on a meadow that campaigners have fought to save could result in another fatal accident in the village, a worried resident fears.  

Plans to develop Slate Meadow, which has been described as a “cherished” and “unique”, have been criticised by some residents of both Bourne End and Wooburn Green, who fear 150 new homes will cause “chaos” on the roads – prompting objections to flood in against the proposals.

Protesting the plans, put forward by Avant Homes and Croudace Homes, Heidi Harrison said concerns about the effect the new homes would have on safety – particularly for schoolchildren at nearby St Paul’s C Of E Combined School - need to be taken seriously.

She said: “As an ex-pupil of the school, I unfortunately witnessed a life-changing accident of a boy walking along Town Lane, just along from Cores End, when he got too close to the road and the car was too close to the pavement.

“As a parent, I am constantly concerned with the dangers of cars parked in awkward places, at pick up and drop off especially, because there is nowhere to park safely.

“We have had two deaths in as many years on our local roads – one on Hedsor Road and one on The Parade in Bourne End. Please don’t let the Stratford Drive/Town Lane area be the third.”

Slate Meadow was one of five reserve sites along with Abbey Barn South, Abbey Barn North, Terriers Farm and Gomm Valley and Ashwells to be released for development in a controversial move by Wycombe District Council in October 2014.

Another resident, who has lived in Stratford Drive – next to Slate Meadow – for 22 years, said the “ludicrously excessive” plans need to be shelved.

Peter Nagle said: “Living near the entrance to Stratford Drive, we suffer from the daily issues of the road being overrun by school traffic. Children are already at risk as they come to school due to poorly parked cars. It is a surprise that nobody has been hurt already crossing the road at peak times.

“The junction onto Brookbank is already difficult to negotiate at busy times so adding 200 cars plus deliveries and services is only going to make things worse.”

On the other hand, Geoffrey Copas, who runs Copas Farms, says he “completely supports” the plans, adding: “We have to build more homes. It is no use objecting unless you can suggest an available alternative site and, like the Hollands Farm site, this is more suitable than other more important areas of the Green Belt.”

In the developers’ plans, they highlighted ways to reduce congestion and vehicle speed.

They said: “The site has been designed with a number of internal loops and unallocated on street parking bays for use by residents, visitors and school parking as required.

“This approach will ensure that Stratford Drive remains uncongested and that pick up and drop off can take place within the site in a safe environment.

"The route to St Pauls School would then be via the improved school crossing point on Stratford Drive.”