Residents say they are “fed up” with not being able to park outside their own homes because industrial estate workers keep leaving their cars in their road during the day.

Since parking restrictions and double yellow lines were introduced on Cressex Industrial Estate last year, residents living in nearby Deeds Grove say workers are now leaving their cars in surrounding roads instead.

Jan Burnard said it is “unfair” and workers “don’t care that residents can’t get parked” in their own roads.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said ambulances who visit regularly because her husband is ill cannot get parked outside her home – but said the problem is not just industrial estate workers, but because there are too many cars per house.

She said: “We do get a lot of people coming and parking here and then going up the alleyway to the industrial estate.

“We can’t get parked outside our own home. My husband is ill, he is in hospital at the moment and we have ambulances up here and they have to park in the middle of the road. It is really embarrassing. It is getting horrible up here.”

She continued: “I wish somebody would do something about it. It used to be lovely round here. We moved here in 1959 when the houses were first built. How many grass verges do we have now? Hardly any.

“And if the cars from the houses are not here, we get the factory lot parking here. It is awful.”

Carole and David Jones, who also live on Deeds Grove, agreed the parking situation is a “nightmare” and called for residents parking permits to be introduced.

Mrs Jones said: “We are aware of people parking here and then walking up to the industrial estate, but the worst thing is the double parking – I just don’t know how the buses can get past.

“People park all over the place. Sometimes we have a breakdown truck that sits here for ages, we have people parking big vans outside. It is absolute nightmare.”

Mr Jones added: “It is a problem all the way round the road. It is usually a lot worse in the evenings. I have complained to the council but no one wants to accept responsibility.

“A permit system would help – one space per house. It’s a nightmare – all the verges are ruined and the pavement parking is terrible – anyone with a pram or with a wheelchair will struggle.”

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: “Unfortunately it is not uncommon for parking to be displaced elsewhere when a new parking scheme is introduced. The Cressex scheme, and possible impacts, are being reviewed.

“Whilst there are currently no specific plans for any measures in Deeds Grove, these would not be ruled out in the future if needed.

“It should be born in mind that introducing a permit scheme can be quite a lengthy process involving formal legal orders and consultation with residents.”