Each week our chief photographer, Anita Ross Marshall, picks her favourite shot from the archives. She writes:

We cover many sports in this job. Most we all know, but sometimes I get to tackle something I have never photographed before.

There are two key factors that help you take on any sport. The first is to set your camera speed at a min of 500th of a second to capture the action and the second is understand the basic rules of the game - know where they are heading and why, and then put yourself where they are going to score.

That way, not only does the action always comes to you, but it gets bigger in the frame as they battle to win.

  • Image: Thame Show: British Horse Ball.
  • Camera Data : Canon EOS 1D, Lens f/2.8 70-200mm, Focal Length 135mm, Exposure 1/500th sec, f/11,ISO 200