A High Wycombe car park is allegedly leaving drivers with damaged car wheels - with calls for it to be fixed by a disgruntled visitor who will not return until it is sorted out. 

The kerbs at the entry and exit barriers at the Wycombe Swan car park have been criticised by a regular visitor, who says it is "very difficult" to get in and out without "damaging car wheels". 

David Vick says Wycombe District Council needs to fix the kerbs, adding: "Going up, down or out of the car park is very difficult without damaging car wheels. The vertical kerb edges cause hundreds or impacts every week.

"If the kerbs throughout the car park were chamfered at 45 degrees they would not damage so many cars.

"[It] must be costing the car park and theatre a lot of lost business with users who don’t return after damaging their cars. I will not be using the car park or theatre until it is fixed."

Videos taken by Mr Vick show a succession of cars leaving The Swan car park after a performance at the theatre - with the majority of them hitting or mounting the kerb on the way out. 

He said the "chaos" can be seen "after any performance ends". 

Wycombe District Council has not yet responded to requests for comment about the problem.