Drivers are being urged not to leave valuables in view in their vehicles following a string of thefts in High Wycombe. 

During April, 12 thefts from vehicles were reported in the Wycombe East neighbourhood and there were a string of thefts in the Priory Road and Priory Avenue area. 

Police say increased high visibility patrols are being carried out over the next few weeks and officers will be speaking to residents, shoppers and commuters to discourage them from leaving valuables on display and reminding them to lock their doors and close all windows. 

Neighbourhood officer PC Mark Martin, based at High Wycombe police station, said: “As the days get brighter and warmer we are seeing more and more vehicles being left with their windows open and many are also left unlocked.

"Thieves are often opportunistic and in the short time it takes to pop into a shop, they can easily grab sat navs, wallets and handbags that are left on display.

"I urge both residents and visitors to keep security in mind when leaving your vehicles unattended and if you see or hear anything suspicious then please let us know by calling 101.”

Police are trying to set up new Neighbourhood Watch schemes and are looking for residents to volunteer as co-ordinators in Cock Lane, Totteridge Road, Amersham Hill, Hughenden Road and all areas in between.

Neighbourhood Inspector Jonathan Chandler said: “Neighbourhood Watch has demonstrated not just across the Thames Valley but nationwide, that schemes can empower communities and build trust and engagement between residents.

"Often individuals might spot a vehicle or person that they don’t recognise but think nothing of it, but by encouraging communication amongst neighbours who may have spotted the same, intelligence quickly builds that can assist in identifying offenders or even deterring potential criminals.

"Neighbourhood Watch schemes have also helped to identify methods in further securing local areas, such as encouraging residents to cut back overgrown hedges that could provide cover for burglars.”

If you are interested in being part of a new neighbourhood watch scheme and would like to find out more, contact