A stray parrot surprised a High Wycombe resident after flying into her flat through the window.

The colourful bird - an Alexandrine parakeet - glided through the resident's bedroom window early in the morning on Thursday, April 26.

The concerned animal-lover called the RSPCA after making sure the parrot was safely confined in her flat.

The parakeet is currently being cared for by an experienced keeper and the RSPCA think he may be an escaped pet.

RSPCA animal collection officer, Rachel Edwards, said: “This beautiful Alexandrine parakeet gave the caller quite a surprise flying in through the window. Luckily, the bird was unharmed but did not have any identification as he is not ringed or microchipped.

“We think he is an escaped pet as he seems friendly. I’m sure someone must be missing this lovely bird, so if you know anything please do contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”

Last year, 1,439 psittacines - birds that belong to the parrot family including macaws and parakeets - were collected by the RSPCA in England and Wales. A total of 453 of these were strays.