A grammar school head teacher has hailed government plans to plough £50 million into selective schools across the country.

Head teacher at High Wycombe’s Royal Grammar School (RGS), Philip Wayne, said he is “very pleased” that grammars now have access to funds that will allow them to expand and provide more places.

The huge cash-boost, which was announced last week, has proved controversial among comprehensive schools struggling to make ends meet.

However Mr Wayne says the funding has come at a “particularly important time” as grammar schools work to increase the number of places for disadvantaged children.

He said: “We are very pleased that, like other good and outstanding schools, selective schools now have access to a fund to allow them to expand their premises to create more places.

“This is particularly important at a time when there are increasing numbers of pupils reaching secondary age and such high demand from parents for selective school places.

“Grammar school heads look forward to working with the Department for Education through the Memorandum of Understanding, to continue and further extend the work that grammar schools have started to undertake in recent years, to increase access for disadvantaged pupils and to support other schools to raise standards for all young people.

“It is important to remember that the additional money available from the fund will be awarded to schools who meet a range of criteria including its track record in educational performance.”

It is understood that grammar schools will have to outline how they will boost the number of disadvantaged pupils they submit, in order to be awarded more places.

They will also have to show proof of a need for extra school places in the area.

Earlier this week head teacher at Cressex Community School, David Hood, called for the government to treat pupils across all school systems equally, in the face of budget cuts.