The county’s mobile library service is set to be scrapped next week, as the council attempts to cope with increasingly stretched budgets.

The number of people who use the library vans has plummeted, according to Bucks County Council, with 13,227 fewer residents opting to use the service over the last three years.

Hundreds of people took part in a consultation on the future of mobile libraries last year, and now book-worms will see the service run its final round on Thursday, May 31.

However, alternative “community based” options will be provided by the council, including a home library service designed for those who find it difficult to access a library due to age, illness or disability.

Book-lovers who may struggle to visit a library are encouraged to team up with a family member or friend who can pick up loans on their behalf.

A statement issued on BCC’s website stated: “When we reviewed mobile library usage over the last two years we looked at the number of customers using our library services.

“We found that 511 customers solely use mobile libraries and do not visit a library building. We also found that at one third of the service stops made by our mobile library vehicles there was only one mobile customer using the service.

“The cost of running the mobile service is also high and increasing, with the average cost per item issued at a mobile library being substantially higher than items issued at library buildings.”

Councils studies fund a loan from a mobile library costs £4.57 compared with £1.13 at a library building.

A total of 35 per cent of stops had just one customer, 74 per cent four or less customers and 2 per cent of total library lends are from the mobile service.

The BCC statement added: “We are committed to ensuring that all of our mobile library customers will still be able to access library services and so we are proposing to put in place alternative community-based options.”

Will you be affected by the closure of the service? Contact or call 01494 755091.