Walkers are calling for a “dangerous” footpath leading to the A404 to be made safer amid fears that a pet or child could run out on to the dual carriageway causing a serious accident.

Marlovian Moya Fillmore is calling for a fence or self-closing gate to be put in across the footpath that runs from the east side of the A404 underpass, adjacent to Gossmore Recreation Ground, along the north east side of the southbound A404, after her dog Cassie was killed when she was hit by a car on the busy road.

She set up a petition which gathered 420 signatures and was discussed at the South West Chilterns and Marlow Local Area Forum (LAF) meeting on Tuesday.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms Fillmore said she fears another dog or child could run out into the road and cause a fatal crash.

She said: “When I was looking for my dog, I saw how fast those cars go [on the A404]. There is a potentially very serious accident waiting to happen.

“When I took Cassie to the vets, they said so many dogs had lost their lives there.

“It’s just a matter of time before there is a human death caused by a stray animal.

“It’s not really about the dog anymore – I’ve accepted it. But I don’t want to see anybody lose their life in a car crash.”

Her friend Susan Sharman said it was a “miracle” nothing serious had happened.

She said: “We are aware that the county council has a huge amount of pressure put on it to provide safety issues on the highway.

“We have been trying to raise money to put a fence there. We are really keen to do something about it.

“I know nobody has lost their lives or been seriously injured yet but it frightened me when I saw [what had happened to Cassie] and it’s really a miracle that nothing serious has happened.”

Ward member Alex Collingwood said there was a metal barrier to stop humans going out on to the A404, but due to its design there was a possibility that a young child or dog could go over it.

He told the pair that it was not clear who the land belonged to. Although the Land Registry title says Bucks County Council, he said it should have transferred over to Highways England on inception but it had not, and the council was waiting to hear back from the highways authority about the ownership before anything could be done.

He said a new fence or gate could be crowdfunded for and, if the land belongs to the council, residents would have to use an approved Bucks County Council contractor to comply with health and safety.

They would also have to manage the fence or gate themselves without any help from the council.

Cllr Collingwood explained that if the residents wanted the LAF to fund any of the work, they would have to submit their bid by August this year.

It would be assessed against all the other bids such as the crossing at Higginson Park and Seymour Court Road, both in Marlow.

Writing on the fundraising page, Ms Fillmore said: “Cassie was a beautiful and very friendly dog. In her short life, she helped raised funds for Child Bereavement UK. Please help us raise funds for ‘Cassie’s Gate’ so this tragedy doesn’t happen again.”

Visit www.gofundme.com/cassie039s-gate to donate.