A High Wycombe environment group has called for companies to share ways they have reduced plastic use, after it was revealed thousands of disposable cups are used by Bucks authorities each year.

Figures  show at least 140,000 plastic cups were purchased by Wycombe, South Bucks, and Chiltern district councils from 2013 to 2017.

Chiltern District Council appeared to be the worst culprit, purchasing a staggering 24,000 plastic cups per year since 2013, while Wycombe District Council bought 5,920 last year alone.

However South Bucks District Council’s plastic use was minimal compared to its neighbouring authorities, with just 200 plastic cups bought last year.

Joint coordinator at Wycombe Friends of the Earth, Mike Chadwick, says the varying figures show that plastic consumption can be easily reduced among south Bucks companies “with a bit of effort”.

He said: “What is striking about these figures is both the scale – imagine them multiplied across all the hospitals, schools and businesses in similar situations – but also the stark differences between the councils, showing that something can be done with just a bit of effort.

“Recycling is of some benefit, but re-use, by encouraging staff and visitors to supply their own reusable cups, is far better.

“With the need for all organisations to slash their use of plastic or other disposable cups, it would be great if one that has completely eliminated their use could share their best practice via the pages of the BFP.”

Mr Chadwick also called for schools to stop using plastic cups to serve drinks – branding the move a “shocking example to set to the younger generation”.

If you are part of a south Bucks company that has eliminated plastic use contact jasmine.rapson@newsquest.co.uk with your tips.