A LORRY driver claims Heathrow Airport is the cause of the UFO sightings which have hit the area in recent weeks.

Frank, who doesn't want his full name revealed, lives in Penn Road, Tylers Green, and says the strange lights are actually aeroplanes waiting to land at Heathrow Airport.

The ET antics were first spotted at the end of July in Chesham and has divided opinion in the county. Some Midweek readers said they were UFOs, others contacted us to explain they were candle balloons which had been let off at parties and the Womad festival.

However Frank, who has driven to the airport for 40 years for his job, now says it is the planes that have been mistaken for extra terrestrial activity.

He said: "I was reading the paper and when I saw the UFO story I couldn't help but smile. The answer is simple. I know what it is and it's nothing to do with UFOs or mad loonies.

"The planes for Heathrow come in from Hounslow and also from Slough and they can't stop so they stack up and go round in circles.

"If you get three or four planes stacking up it looks spectacular. When they peel off they appear to disappear because of the different angle. You can see these lights but you can't hear them.

"It looks really spectacular on a clear night and I can totally understand why people mistook it for a UFO.

"I'm not a killjoy. There might be UFOs but I don't think anyone can say either hay or nay. I'm not saying I don't believe in UFOs but I've yet to see it."