An independent clothing store has set up shop in Marlow amid a string of high profile closures.

Brookes Clothing opened its doors to the public in the High Street, with owner Melanie Duddy saying retailers have to be “more aware” of “creating an experience for their customers” in order to survive.

She said: “We have been so excited to open our beautiful new store on Marlow High Street and enjoyed welcoming our first customers through the door.

“Retailers have to be more aware, in these challenging times, of creating an experience for their customers to sustain their relevance on the high street.

“Although we have nine years of experience and successful trading behind us, we know how important it is to have support as an independent retailer.”

It comes after Costa Coffee shut shop in Higginson Park, Wimpy closed down last year and Thomas Cook also closed its doors to Marlovians.

And rising rent prices forced out much-loved gift shop Huttons after 18 years, while Wimpy also blamed “escalating” rents as a reason for its closure, and Craft Coop said a lack of customers meant it also had to shut its Marlow store.

But independent stores are making an appearance in the town again, with pizza café The Resolute taking over the Costa Coffee site and Winser London taking up permanent residence in Spittal Street.

Tamra Booth, managing director at Sorbon Estates, which owns large swathes of Marlow’s High Street, said: “Over 70 per cent of tenants within our property investment portfolio are independent businesses which we believe add real diversity and vibrancy to our high streets.

“Coming from humble beginnings ourselves almost 50 years ago, we understand the challenges small businesses can face and so wanted to offer the support of a wider network to help our independent retail tenants thrive.”