Frustrated villagers have called for speed cameras at a traffic black spot in Chalfont St Peter, as racing drivers keep them awake at night.

Lower Road residents have also raised fresh concerns over continuous parking problems in the area, claiming the residential street “feels like an extension of a car park”.

On Wednesday, Clive Ashcroft told the Chilterns Local Area Forum that motorcyclists use the A413, behind Lower Road, as a race track.

The noise is driving residents to despair as it prevents them from sitting in their gardens, while families struggle to sleep.

Mr Ashcroft said: “It is becoming a nightmare quite frankly. The motor vehicles were a problem speeding up, but the worst offenders are motorcyclists treating this as a race track.

“Because it is a dual carriageway they come along the first part of the dual carriageway, and then get to the roundabout, go around it and they are just going hell for leather.

“It is absolutely appalling when you are just trying to sit in the garden, but even my neighbour whose children sleep at the back are finding it very difficult to sleep at night because of the bikes and cars racing along there.”

Sergeant Paul Cossey said police will look into carrying out more speed enforcement operations along the dual carriageway.

Bucks county councillor for Chalfont St Peter, David Martin, said he does not understand why the A413 has a speed limit of 70mph, and asked if TfB could investigate reducing the limit on the section of road to 50.

He said: “My sympathies are wholly with the residents. Personally, I have never been able to understand why that section of the A413 between the two roundabouts has a limit of 70 miles per hour.

“My view is that section of the dual carriageway should be 50 and enforced at 50, so I am wondering if we could possibly ask the appropriate officers at TfB to see how difficult it would be to have a permanent speed restriction of 50 miles per hour on that part of the dual carriageway.”

Another Lower Road resident, Yvonne Jarman, also raised concerns over parking issues, as numerous commuters who work in the village park along the residential street.

She said she has paid for white lines to be painted outside her home to prevent rogue parking, and asked what the council is doing to tackle the issue.

Cllr Martin said TfB’s parking manager is working on plans to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order on Lower Road – which would allow the authorities to enforce parking restrictions on the street.