Donald Trump will hold talks with Theresa May at Chequers on his two-day trip to the UK later this week - but angry residents are planning to protest against his visit.

The US President will spend most of his time outside of London on his official visit to the UK on Thursday and Friday - and will join the Prime Minister for "bi-lateral talks" at her country residence, Chequers, just outside Ellesborough.

His visit has been met with anger from some residents - with Oxford Stand Up To Racism calling a protest on July 12 outside Chequers.

The group is angry that Trump will be "treated as an honoured guest by the British establishment".

Ian Mckendrick, spokesperson for Stand Up To Racism, said: "We do not believe a man who has consistently stoked racism with his bigoted views and hate speech should have the red carpet rolled out for him.

"Trump's attacks on migrants, Muslims and refugees can only incite racism and division, neither of which are welcome here.

"Trump has no hesitation telling migrants, Muslims and refugees that they are not welcome, so we have no hesitation in telling him the same.

"We want to encourage people around the world to stand up to Trump's racism and bigotry."

Kate Douglas, regional secretary for the south east branch of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said the money spent on escorting Trump around the UK on his tri would be "better spent in the NHS and public services".