A Marlow running club chief has spoken out after it was revealed the land housing a £1.5 million athletics track is up for sale.

Mike Thompson, co-chairman of the Marlow Striders, says he is worried about how any new owners would continue to provide a “high-quality running experience”.

He said Marlow Striders runners regularly use the track along with members of other running clubs, adding he would be “very disappointed” if it did not continue as a running track.

He said: “We like it because it is really useful for people who want to do interval training with the aim of improving their overall running experience.

“Marlow Striders have been significant contributors of the sprint-a-thon both times it ran. That was a fantastic event both for the local community and the charity that we were raising money for.”

Last week the Marlow Free Press revealed the Little Marlow Trust was selling the land on which the popular athletics track sits, and the land surrounding it, with the remainder of Wycombe District Council’s (WDC) 30-year lease and its obligations transferring over to the new owner.

It came after the running of the track was taken over by the More Leisure Community Trust, part of Serco, earlier this year, after it was deemed “too expensive” to run by the Adventure Learning Foundation.

WDC wanted to relocate the track, previously based at the former Wycombe Sports Centre, to make way for what is now the Handy X Hub.

A proposed running track in Hazlemere was turned down in March 2010 after it was vehemently opposed and defeated by campaigners, forcing WDC to look at other options.

Mr Thompson added: “When I realised they were closing the running track at Handy Cross I was a little bit concerned as to what would happen about track-based running.

“We were subsequently delighted that the running track was opening in Little Marlow, but I was concerned about how it would work financially.

“I can’t help thinking that perhaps the financial aspects of putting the track down there weren’t considered with much diligence and that’s probably led to the situation that we have today.

“I am not worried about it continuing as a running facility as the terms of the lease that the council had with the trust should pass over to the new owners.

“I’m more concerned about the operational running of it – what the new owners will do differently to provide a high-quality running experience.”