An 80-year-old tortoise has been reunited with his owner after going missing.

Dougal the tortoise was discovered missing this week and was found by a police community support officer, Nicky Hinkley-Ging, yesterday (Wednesday).

TVP Chiltern & South Bucks tweeted to say House 2 House found him two doors away from his home in Prestwood.

He had been rescued by two young girls – India and Summer – who made him a pen and cared for him.

Dougal was reunited with his “delighted” owner, Merlin, yesterday.

TVP Chiltern & South Bucks tweeted to say the tortoise had “fallen out with his Mrs” called Zebedee and was sectioned off to his own half of the garden.

They wrote: “Wondering if he went out looking for a new Mrs tortoise.

“After all they have been together for 40 years. He got the 40 year itch maybe.”

They said he used the “same skills as the great escape” and dug under a fence, which “probably” took several days or weeks.

His owner believes another animal could have dug the tunnel for him, TVP said.