Shoppers did a double-take after spotting the word ‘sail’ in the window of a shop in Gerrards Cross.

Lighting Matters has the word plastered in its window instead of the word ‘sale’ – after its owner ironically found the signs cheaply in a sale – leaving shoppers perplexed.

Reader Andy Hill wrote in to the Bucks Free Press saying:”I’m not sure if it was deliberate but it has definitely caught everyone’s attention and [is] the talking point of the town.”

Manager Ian Peaple said a number of shoppers had come into the store to tell him the word had been spelt incorrectly.

He said: “It has certainly garnered a lot of interest. It’s giving people a laugh in the High Street. 

“Some people have come in to tell us about the error saying, ‘we don’t want you to become the laughing stock of the High Street’.

“It seems to be pulling people in.”