A WEBSITE solutions company based in High Wycombe has found itself exploding into international success, thanks to their specialist web design operation, called DyNNamite.

BBI - Business to Business Internet - runs DyNNamite as its own version of an existing open source web application framework called DotNetNuke. These frameworks offer customers a ready-made model for the design of their website.

Once a customer has decided on the DyNNamite design that best suits their needs - the website "skin" - BBI also offers the option of further development and hosting services.

Andrew Libra, managing director of BBI said: "We do "skinning" for our clients, and offer them support going forward. Customers can buy a design off the shelf rather than having it bespoke. If they need to they can then have it tweaked, which is much more cost-effective."

The "skins" already arrive in a variety of different themes - both work and lifestyle - so that different customers can find something to suit their requirements.

Mr Libra said the demands of each job can vary wildly. He said: "There is no typical length - that's like asking how long is a piece of string. A typical website of 20 pages takes about six weeks, but a lot of that is the design stage itself. We will often do two corporate designs, that take in a corporate identity, and then another option that is a bit more wacky to stimulate the grey cells. And we can see what the client wants from there."

BBI have sold them to 25 countries so far this year, including India and China. Their product sales have increased tenfold since March.

Mr Libra said: "We have clients around the world. Code is code, and it doesn't matter where it's produced."

BBI also helps businesses meet the growing number of statutory demands on their websites, including improving website designs for easy navigation by disabled people.

Mr Libra said: "From a disability point of view we can offer different sized text, or make it possible to navigate with a tab key so people don't have to use a mouse."

Mr Libra believed that some companies may pay the price for having relaxed attitudes toward matters of legal compliance on their websites. He said: "We do advise them but say they should seek legal advice, but someone, probably a small to medium sized business will be stung one day."

BBI is actually only one half of a larger company, with MPS handling the off-line communication side of business for the past 26 years. But Keith Rouse, director, explained that the exploding internet market was too good an opportunity to miss, and so BBI was set up 11 years ago. He said: "We saw this huge market opening and we got the business to develop this side of the company. We're like a big company with two different brands."