Ben O’Keefe, community fundraiser for South Bucks Hospice based in High Wycombe, tells us why the support of the public is so crucial for the charity:

You’ve probably heard something similar before - a local charity needs support from the local community to help fund its vital services.

So why should you support your local Hospice when there are so many other demands on your time and finances?

Well, let me try to explain. A diagnosis of a terminal or life-threatening illness is obviously devastating to not only the patient but to those around them. South Bucks Hospice offers a haven for patients and families to visit and receive a choice of life-enhancing specialist support and care, all under one roof.

Our services address both physical and emotional health as well as the practical needs of people with complex health conditions.

We care for not only the patients but also their family members and carers. We believe that a supported and cared-for family is stronger and better able to cope and the service our hospice is able to provide is invaluable in supporting them.

Running events such as our ‘Trail of Coins’ in Marlow High Street on Saturday August 18 is a great way to engage with people and raise funds for our current and future services.

What many readers may not realise is that we receive very little funding from Government and have to raise the vast majority of our running costs ourselves - which is an enormous challenge.

People’s needs are constantly changing, new ways of delivering care are being developed and technology is rapidly changing the care landscape. We strive to not only keep up with these changes, but to also develop new approaches focused around the well-being of the people who use our services.

So, you’ve probably heard this type of appeal before many times, but this message can never grow old for us and become less relevant because there is so much we still need to do to offer help and hope to people who really need it.

If you want to help South Bucks Hospice help its community by donating/raising money or volunteering, please contact Ben or Yvette in our Fundraising Team on 01494 552 761 or email