Wycombe MP and former Brexit minister Steve Baker got more adrenaline than he bargained for after getting into difficulty while skydiving on holiday.

The Tory MP, who quit as a Brexit minister last month, went into a "fast spiral dive" and had to rely on his reserve parachute.

He had to perform an emergency landing and came down on a golf course, right next to the club house in the Algarve, Portugal.

Mr Baker revealed the close shave with a beaming smile in an Instagram post on Sunday.

He said: "Pleased my reserve parachute, here in white, worked as advertised after a main malfunction last week.

"Emergency landing on nearby golf course perfect, next to clubhouse.

"Wished you were there etc."

Mr Baker added that the problem began after the left steering toggle jammed.

He said: "After two attempts to release the toggle, I took the reserve."

Despite his brush with danger, he said it was "awesome" that the Skyhook reserve static line (RSL) - a device that automatically opens the reserve parachute container when needed - "ensured the reserve deployed extremely fast using the malfunctioning main as a drogue".