A head teacher has dismissed claims his school is in “serious” financial trouble as it prepares to join a multi-academy trust next month. 

An online blog post by campaigner and former parish councillor Linda Derrick said Princes Risborough School appears to be in “serious financial trouble” – the problems blamed on reduced funding, a lack of staff and maintenance of an “ageing” building. 

The school, in Merton Road, is said to have incurred a net deficit of £375,000 in 2016/7 and at the end of the year their restricted assets were in deficit of £125,000.

The school is also expecting a deficit for the next four financial years – but after signing the accounts in December 2017, they said they would have sufficient reserves and cash to “continue operating for 12 months”.

The auditors said there was a “material uncertainty that may cast doubt on the Academy’s ability to continue as a going concern”.

“Remedial” action planned is said to include making staff members redundant, as well as joining a multi-academy trust. 

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a group of schools working in collaboration as one entity to improve and maintain high educational standards across the trust. The MAT is governed through a single set of members and directors.

Pete Rowe, the school’s head teacher, blasted the figures as a “non-story” and said all schools were blighted by a lack of funding. 

He said: “PRS has an agreed deficit with the Education Funding Agency and a recovery plan that shows us being back in the black in two years’ time with a new community sports centre fully paid for.

“As we join Insignis Trust in September they will ensure there are no cash flow issues which could cause operational difficulties.

“Whilst funding is incredibly tight for all schools, PRS is not in an exceptional situation”.

A county council spokesman added: “We are aware that PRS will be joining the Insignis Academy Trust as from September 1, 2018. Parents and carers were notified.”

“We have been working to support Princes Risborough School through a variety of measures. These include a post OFSTED monitoring action plan and the work of the School Improvement Team.

“We are keen to ensure all children are able to realise their potential whatever their starting point and attend good or outstanding schools.”