An “intelligent and witty” 51-year-old who suffered with depression and anxiety took his own life after struggling to come to terms with being evicted from his High Wycombe flat.

Alistair Wilson, who lived in a small one-bed flat in London Road, was found dead at his home on April 23 this year after police forced their way inside.

They were called to the scene by a worried friend who could not get hold of Alistair. Officers found Alistair hanging behind his front door and there were no life-saving opportunities. He was declared dead at 2.15pm.

At an inquest into his death on Wednesday morning, a statement from his sister Sally Wilson said Alistair had suffered for many years with anxiety and depression and struggled to leave his flat.

When he was told he was being evicted by his landlord, he was in “great distress”.

Sally said: “He became very overwhelmed by the situation. We spoke many times on the phone and I offered him practical advice and I offered to help him move. He had approached the Citizens Advice Bureau and Samaritans. He was in a very depressed state of mind.”

Describing her brother, Sally added: “In earlier days he was very popular, he was a very intelligent and witty man. We miss him desperately. It has been a very tough time for his family.”

Anne Davies, assistant coroner, ruled that Alistair had died as a result of suicide.

She said: “Police found a note in his sitting room indicating the move from his property was causing him difficulties. He became depressed when his landlord started eviction proceedings. I think it clear he intended to take his own life.”

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